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Denver Family Photographer – Sunshine

Oh how I LOVE the sun.  I don’t think I could ever be a photographer anywhere else.  I would not know how to work without the sun shining!  I always have so much fun with this family.  We met at the Denver Botanic Gardens for their photography session.  All through the session I could tell how the whole family is so IN LOVE with their newest addition.  I can see the joy she has brought this family.  What a delight.


Parker Family Photography – Already a year old!

It always surprises me when “my” newborns turn one.  It seems to fly by faster and faster.  Especially when I think about MY actual newborns being 11 and 7 years old.  I love watching them grow.  They change so much the first year.  We had “H”‘s one year photography session at a Parker park.  It was a bit cold and cloudy but we made it work.  I am going to miss not seeing them as often now that “H” is one!


Denver Newborn Photography – Little Lady

I love all newborns….even when they cry…and poop.  I still love them.  Every now and then I have the pleasure of working with a newborn who doesn’t cry or POOP!  I admit I love those newborn just a tiny bit more.  Baby “C” was one of those newborns.  We had such a great session.  Her big sister was so excited to show off her new baby.  I loved every minute of it.


Family Photography – Brothers

Look at these cute boys!  Oh how I love them.  I have loved watching them grow over the years.  I am sad that the youngest just turned 1 and now I will not get to see them as often 🙁  Thanks to facebook I can still watch them!

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