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I’ll be honest as a photographer digital images are not my favorite thing, but let’s face it EVERYONE wants them!!  Why are they not my favorite, you ask….it comes down to print quality and control.  I put my heart and soul into each image, from the time I take the image, then when I select and edit the image and finally the place I choose to print the image.


Over the years I have used many different professional labs along with many consumer labs.  I have printed countless images at multiple labs just to compare the quality.  Finally after all this time and effort I have selected the lab that best reflects the images.  This brings me back to digital files, once you purchase them you will take them to any lab out there!  I have no idea how this lab will print and trust me they all print VERY differently!  I recommend printing at


Again lets go back to the heart and soul part…after I take the images I edit them.  Editing is when I add my personal style to the pictures.  I add just the right amount of saturation.  I crop them just the right way, the way I feel looks just right.  Then you purchase the digital image and decide you want to see the picture with more saturation…cropped closer…..tilted sideways…oh the possibilities.  You may think the new image looks great, but as the Artist that is not what I created 🙂  This is an area that I just have to let go.  As much as I hope you love each image just the way it is I have no control over what you do once you have the digital images.  Please be nice to them 🙂


Once you purchase a digital image you can print is as many times as you want and in any sizes.  This is a great option for birth announcements and Christmas cards.  Purchasing multiple images allows you to print images for everyone you know but most importantly it allows you to have a digital backup.


If you would like me to print the images at my lab here are the prices.

*tax of 8.1% added to all orders*
*all orders will have a $6.00 shipping fee added*
*all prices subject to change without notice*

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