about kristie

Hello. My name is Kristie. Welcome to Kristie Chadwick Photography!

I have always loved art, from painting to pottery and more. Several years ago, my ongoing interest in photography blossomed and Kristie Chadwick Photography was born. Creativity is in my genes; my mom is a talented artist, and several family members are also photographers.

I started as a professional baby and family photographer in 2003. One year later, I began shooting weddings. Over the years, I have added high school seniors. I have a special love for newborns; they are so perfect in every way! Weddings make me weak in the knees, I feel like it is my wedding day all over again. High school seniors keep me feeling young. I love getting to work with people of all ages. I am self-taught, and use Canon digital equipment.

My kids are my two favorite models, even if they are not always willing. Grant is 15; he is my all-boy high schooler. He loves video games, computers and wants to grow up to be a programmer. Leah is my 11-year-old going on 16-year-old, and she is my miracle. She was born at 28 weeks gestation, after my husband and I struggled through two years of infertility. She is doing great and has overcome her difficult beginning. Leah loves anything pink and girlie. I would have loved to have had more children, but it was not in the cards… so please bring me your babies so I can capture their newness!

I love to read, and hate to cook. I make good use of my two book clubs, but not of my two ovens. I do, however, like to eat. I love candy – especially Fun Dip, Hot Tamales and Good and Plenty – and also enjoy traveling.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me. I look forward to meeting you and getting to you know, and hopefully, to working with you, Kristie

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